How To Train For Space..Or Not.

If you ever wondered about how astronauts train, you can find out first hand for about $45k.


A new company called Waypoint 2 Space is offering you the chance to spend your money and learn how its done.


However, you might want to note that NASA doesn’t take course graduates.  As a matter of fact, no one does.

So what exactly do you get? According to Kevin Heath their CEO and their website they have programs in space flight training and payload specialist.  Neither of which will get you a ride on any NASA mission.  As a matter of fact they have no agreements with NASA at all.  You may read their website and be led to believe that there is some sort of relationship, however, upon close examination, you would be wrong. To me, in my personal opinion, parts of the site seem to be a little deceptive.

Rest assured that the ONLY  way you can become and astronaut for NASA is by attending (or being selected to attend) Astronaut Candidate Training program.


As for Waypoint 2 Space, if you have the money to spend on this, I would suggest booking a flight on Virgin Galactic or one of the other companies that will actually get you close to space.

Thanks to Keith Cowing from NASA Watch for alerting everyone about this and his continued follow ups.

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