Irony, thy name is Meade.

I know this ins’t breaking news, but this weekend at RTMC I found out that Meade Instruments Corp. (est. 1972), one of the world’s largest designers and manufacturers of telescopes and accessories for amateur astronomers and  (JOC) are in merger talks.

Jinghua will pay 3-4 million dollars cash to acquire all of Meade. The deal is expected to be completed by the end of July, subject to shareholder approval.

Why is this ironic you might ask?  Well let me tell you a tale.  Once upon a time a talented employee of Meade worked diligently with astronomers to promote Meade products and technology.  Years later that talented person later left the company and formed Explore Scientific.

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Working with JOC, Explore Scientific quickly built quality products and spread throughout the astronomical community.  Alas, during this same period Meade was in a serious decline with failed product launches and vaporware, the astronomical community turned from the tried and true, to the new and innovative.

So this announcement by JOC, who is also the parent company of Explore Scientific, LLC (USA) and Meade Instruments Europe GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), came as a pleasant surprise.  There is hope on the horizon for Meade fans.  The company won’t fold and, hopefully, will return to its former glory under its new owners.

2013-05-25 01.10.32

So, you still may be asking about the irony.  I think it is ironic that Scott Roberts, currently president of Explore Scientific LLC and previously one of Meade’s vice presidents, will now be back running the company that he left in 2007.

2013-05-25 01.11.53

“I am especially pleased with this global reunion with Meade. I believe it will give us a rare opportunity in our industry to combine the best of what all of our companies have to offer,” stated Scott Roberts, president of Explore Scientific, which will manage operations of Meade after the acquisition.

Scott, I wish you the best of luck.

– Ex astris, scientia –

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Back From RTMC

I just got back from RTMC at Camp Oaks near Big Bear, California and I am a little tired.  The altitude and the Sun after last weeks eclipse adventure have worn me out.  Saturday started out really cold with a dusting of snow, but it the temperature quickly rose with the sun and the annual yard sale was under way.

Lots of things for sale and a lot of folks buying.  I didn’t find anything used that I wanted, but I found plenty of new stuff that had my attention…like this lovely item from PlaneWave.

A small trinket that I would love to have in my observatory.

Below is a picture of my friend John from Televue, showing his wares.  If you see John at a star party or an event like this, come back at night an take a look through some of the eyepieces and scopes that he brings with him.

My club the Riverside Astronomical Society had a booth at the event.  We are selling tickets to PATS at a reduced cost from the normal price.  Other vendors will also have discounted ticket for sale.  If you need an excuse to visit Pasadena in September, this would be it.

I’ll post some more pictures the rest of this week.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day.

– Ex astris, scientia –