A New Type Of Camera.

There ‘s a new kind of camera that I am very excited about.

apertus° Axiom Open Module Concept

The Axiom concept camera is an open source hardware camera with interchangeable…well…everything.

Axiom Alpha prototype hardware

Axiom has already built a prototype as a proof of concept.

Comparison Chart: Full Featured Axiom vs Alpha Prototype

Axiom Axiom Alpha Prototype
Development after successful crowdfunding in progress
Goal full featured camera extended proof of concept prototype
Image Sensor CMV12000 CMV12000
Video Resolution 4K 1920×1080 (downscaled from 4K)
Output tbd HDMI
Supported Video Format uncompressed RAW RGB
Lens Mount Interchangeable Mount System Nikon F-Mount
Frame Rate up to 150 (4K) 25

The concept module differs from the prototype as would be expected.

So why would astronomers be interested in this?  Just the interchangeable sensor alone would make this camera worth buying for me.

File:Flange Focal Length (2 types camera).PNG

The ability to change image sensors and focal distance would make this camera adaptable to any telescope or situation that you may find yourself.

It would also allow beginning astrophotographers to start with a more inexpensive image sensor module and work their way up without having to learn a new system.

For the more experienced astrophotographers, this would enable them to move from a single-shot CMOS imager, for instance, to a monochrome CCD for narrow-band imaging.  The possibilities are endless with this camera.

Although this is still in the early stages, with enough funding, this camera can become a reality very shortly.  I am very excited about this piece of technology.  You can find more information here.

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