Move Over Internet, There’s A Cosmic Web In Town!

Cosmologist theorize that galaxies are embedded in a cosmic web of “stuff”, and that most of the “stuff” is dark matter.

Cosmic web of filaments

Using a quasar as a sort of cosmic flashlight, astronomers have taken an image of this Web, confirming parts of the theory.  Cosmological calculations showed that as the Universe grows, matter becomes clustered in filaments and nodes under the force of gravity, like a giant cosmic web.

Using the 10-metre Keck telescope in Hawaii, astronomers took the first images of these web filaments.

It is very interesting to look at the similarities of our man made web with the structures made in nature.

So now another piece of the dark matter/dark energy puzzle is in place.  Eventually, we may find the remaining 90% of the Universe.  But, baby steps for now.


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