The Sun Is A Little Loopy.

Although the Sun is currently trying to decide if it is going to remain active or go dormant for an extended period, it is still providing some spectacular sights.

One of the more amazing things produced by the Sun are the enormous magnetic loops.

The Solar Dynamics observatory, SOHO and the Stereo spacecraft, among others, keep a constant eye on the Sun, measuring our star for changes that might affect us and data for analysis.

The SOHO image above show the vast network of magnetic loops produced by the Sun.

These magnetic loops can always be found when observing the Sun using the proper safety equipment.  Everywhere there is a sunspot, you have the beginning and end of a magnetic loop.

Although that is an easy way for you to see magnetic loops, they occur for almost every Solar event, like a coronal mass ejection.  The bending and breaking of these loops cause a lot of activity on the Sun and the cause is still only speculation.  Beauty and danger all in one.  Sounds like a movie.

– Ex astris, scientia –

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