New Year’s Resolution…Make A New Invention.

If you have dreamed about becoming an inventor, but thought it wasn’t possible to compete against the big boys, this is your chance.

NASA and other top research institutions are releasing some of their patented ideas for you to play with and come up with new inventions and ideas.

Marblar is a product development platform that lets users generate ideas for commercial uses of scientific discoveries that have lain dormant and unused from universities and research institutions world wide.


Marblar is basically crowdsourced science.  By making these patents available to anyone, the site has already generated thousands of new products in its first year with only 30 patents.  Increasing the number of available patents to play with and by commercially partnering with companies like Samsung that give the inventor(s) a share in the royalties from what they develop is the next move in a winning combination.

Speaking from experience, opening patents up for other to commercialize isn’t done all that often, but the results are usually tremendous.

You can sign up here, to begin your road to becoming a rich and famous inventor!

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