Patent Legislation Mounting in Congress.

Patent activity continues in Congress, with the introduction of several additional bills. One of the more promising is the End Anonymous Patents Act of 2013.
H.R. 2024, introduced by Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL), would require any sales or transfers of patents to be disclosed to the U.S. Patent and Trade Office, along with a notice of the real party in interest filing by the purchasing entity. New patents would have to satisfy the disclosure obligation at the time of grant, while existing patents would be subject to the requirements at the next scheduled maintenance fee payment.

“The process of uncovering the ultimate owner of a patent can be truly burdensome,” said Congressman Ted Deutch. “During my career in real estate law, I would have found it appalling if the title for property was obscured from the public instead being of up-to-date and easily searchable.”
The bill has already garnered the support of many diverse interests. Microsoft stated, “We think legislation to require transparency around patent ownership will help improve the operation of the patent system, facilitate licensing and thus reduce litigation.” The Software Alliance and the Consumer Electronics Association also applauded the bill.

Non-practicing entity, IPNav, has also come out in support of the legislation. In a recent blog post, the company stated, “If you run or want to start a business and find a great patent that covers technology that could help your product, it shouldn’t be a problem to find the owner so you can ask for a license.  Or perhaps somewhat more urgently, if you make a product and discover that your product is infringing an existing patent it should not be a challenge to find the owner so you can offer to take out a license on the patent.”

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