Yesterday’s Pictures Today!

Well, once again WordPress ate my post yesterday.  Sorry about that so here it is again.

This past weekend, I was out at my observatory taking images.  Although I haven’t processed all of them yet, I did manage to take some interesting images of the Moon and Venus (and a Joshua tree).  Enjoy.

274 (Small)

The annual California fire season has started again.  This photo is show a fire near Phelan Ca.

027 (Small) 025 (Small) 033 (Small) 034 (Small) 035 (Small) 040 (Small)

The fires make for interesting sunsets.

281 (Small) 277 (Small)

Friday night from a parking lot in Indio.  The Moon and Venus at twilight.

285 (Small)

Saturday afternoon maneuvers at the 29 Palms Marine Base.  It is really interesting when they do night maneuvers, they go right over my observatory.

104 (Small) 093 (Small) 105 (Small) 115 (Small) 124 (Small) 117 (Small) 130 (Small) 153 (Small) 160 (Small) 187 (Small) 192 (Small) 211 (Small) 234 (Small) 242 (Small)

A variety of exposures and ISO’s of the Moon, Venus and a Joshua tree near my observatory using my Canon G12.

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