Zombie Comets.

A team of astronomers from the University of Anitoquia, Medellin, Colombia, have discovered a graveyard of comets.

They also found out that some of these comets, inactive for millions of years, have returned to life as the so called ‘Lazarus comets’.  I like Zombie Comets better, but I didn’t discover them, so no zombie comets. 🙁

I understand that the biblical reference to Lazarus is appropriate, but I think zombie comets are far more satisfying.

There is ample precedent for zombie (or xombie depending on your preference) comets.  For centuries comets have been the harbingers of ill times and foreboding, omens of death, or coming catastrophes.

The team started looking for the origin of 12 active comets that have been discovered in the asteroid main belt region between Mars and Jupiter.”We found a graveyard of comets,” exclaims Professor Ferrín. He adds: “Imagine all these asteroids going around the Sun for aeons, with no hint of activity. We have found that some of these are not dead rocks after all, but are dormant comets that may yet come back to life if the energy that they receive from the Sun increases by a few per cent.”  This is easily achieved due to the gravitational pull of Jupiter that can change their orbit just enough to get that extra sunlight needed to ex-gas and begin moving on their own.

This is what happened to the twelve lazarus comets and the energy from the Sun was enough to raise them from the dead like a Phoenix! Phoenix comets?

Nah, I still like zombie comets.


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