How to Get in Trouble on the Internet in One Easy Step.

I just answered a question from a person regarding a URL that they had purchased.  Unfortunately, the URL that they had purchased was also a valid trademark for a semi famous sports figure, who by the way has a valid trademark in their name. The question that was asked was regarding a letter this person  had received from attorneys representing these are my favorite sports figure requesting that they turn over the URL. The person who purchased the URL did not have any webpages up promoting any items or trading on the goodwill of the name of the semi famous sports person. They inquired whether or not they could keep the  URL and redirected to another page where they could sell items and not give it back to the trademark owner.

The answer to this is fairly straightforward and quick. Do not under any circumstances try and use someone’s valid trademark is URL to sell goods and services for yourself. The trademark owner will have causes of action against you. Also, if you purchase the URL to jump on a bandwagon so to speak because some things suddenly became “hot”, you will find the $5-$30 that you spent acquiring the URL  will be a small amount ext to attorneys fees you’ll have to pay to get you out of this mess.

Just a word to the wise, just do’t do it.

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